ChurnSquad is a boutique service organization focused on helping organizations assess, monitor, manage and reverse their churn rate while maximizing revenue expansion. Just like early retirement savings, the compounded effect of customer revenue traction is spectacular. In a subscription economy, more than 70% of revenue comes from renewals and upsell. In a subscription-based economy, the benefit of focusing early on churn, and achieving negative churn (when upsell revenue is greater than lost revenue), is that the revenue compounds over time just like retirement savings. Negative churn in early years can often translate into $20M to $40M of annual revenue after a few years of growth.

Our services range from short assessment engagements to implementing and executing complete revenue retention and expansion strategies. Please contact us for more information.

Founding Partners

Olivier Delerm Portrait Olivier Delerm is a skilled marketing and product executive with over 20 years of experience creating, marketing and selling product offerings for public and private companies globally. Olivier founded the A6 Group in 2011, a boutique service firm focused on helping organizations accelerate growth and successful manage transition phases through high-impact sales, marketing, product marketing and business development programs.

Prior to founding A6 Group, Olivier served as chief marketing officer at Certain Software, a leading provider of event management solutions for the global meetings and events industry. Earlier in his career, Olivier launched and managed several major product lines generating $200M+ in annual revenue for Siebel Systems (acquired by Oracle), a $1.5B vendor of Customer Relationship Management solutions, helping establish the company as the leader in eBusiness solutions. In the past 5 years, Olivier has been advising a broad range of companies from early stage to Fortune 500, as the managing partner of the Delerm Group.

He earned a Master in Engineering from ENSAM and a Master in Economy and Finance from IEP, both in Paris.

Francoise Tournaire PortraitFrançoise Tourniaire is a well-known expert in the customer success and support community. She is the founder and owner of FT Works, a consultancy firm that helps technology companies create and improve their support operations. She has over 20 years’ experience as a support executive. Prior to founding FT Works in 1998, she was the vice president of worldwide service at Scopus, a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool manufacturer.

She is a frequent contributor to support industry newsletters and conferences. She is the author of The Art of Software Support, a practical guide to running software support operations, Just Enough CRM, a business manager’s blueprint to selecting and implementing CRM systems, Collective Wisdom: Transforming Support through Knowledge, a handbook for enlightened knowledge management in support organizations, and Selling Value, a guide to creating, marketing, and selling support portfolios.

She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Paris, France, and a Ph.D. in Math and Science Education from the University of California at Berkeley.