The compounded effect of negative churn is spectacular

Just like early retirement savings, the compounded effect of customer revenue traction is spectacular. In a subscription economy, more than 70% of revenue comes from renewals and upsell. The initial transaction is just the beginning of a long relationship that needs to be nurtured and developed. When a company is in its early stage of growth with just a few million in revenue, customer churn is not necessarily a big concern: it seems easy to replace customer revenue with new customers. However, as revenue grows, replacing revenue lost to churn often means tens of millions of dollars that need to come from new customers.

The benefit of focusing early on churn, and achieving negative churn (when upsell revenue is greater than lost revenue), is that the revenue compounds over time just like retirement savings. Negative churn in early years can often translate into $20M to $40M of annual revenue after a few years of growth.
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Compounded Effects of Negative Churn

With us, focus on negative churn now and start enjoying the financial benefits immediately

We know that early-stage sales and marketing organizations are typically focused on new customer acquisition and grabbing market share. Don’t just wait for sales and marketing to have the bandwidth to focus on churn. We can help you manage customer success, optimize the value you provide to your customers at different levels of the organization, ensure user satisfaction and business results for decision makers. We can help you promote the appropriate training programs and services and make sure your messaging is targeted and consistent for customers across support, services, sales and marketing.

We help you assess, manage, monitor, and reverse churn rate and maximize revenue expansion. We work closely with your team and your tools and we use a structured methodology to create custom results.
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AntiChurn Blueprint
A comprehensive plan to monitor & reverse churn rate, and maximize revenue expansion.

We focus on monitoring churn and customer revenue, improving customer messaging, increasing customer engagement, driving customer success and aligning organizations and processes. Our Blueprint service can include Support & Services, Marketing & Sales.


AntiChurn Cure
Implementation service for the Blueprint, either fully delivered by ChurnSquad, or as a blended execution team.

We work with your organization to implement the Blueprint. This service can include internal process and organizational changes, tracking of customer and revenue churn, implementing Customer Engagement and Ambassador programs, and focused creation, marketing and delivery of upsell and cross-sell offers.


AntiChurn Metrics
A turnkey analytics solution to monitor churn, identify patterns, and perform root cause analysis.

We work with your team to integrate information from disparate data sources and create dashboards to monitor the churn metrics that are critical to your organization. We can also perform statistical analysis on your historical data and identify trends and patterns for faster success. Analytics and Dashboards can be implemented on your platform or fully outsourced to us.


Customer Success Training
Full range of training offerings tailored for customer success organizations of all types.

Managing Customer Success is a workshop designed for customer success managers (CSMs), technical account managers (TAMs), service account managers (SAMs), and anyone tasked with providing post-sales, technically focused relationship management. It includes a complete set of soft skills best practices together with extensive opportunities for practice.